Will They Love You In Singapore
As They Do in Seattle?

Are you internationally aware? Take this test:

  1. You are meeting with a Kuwaiti businessman in his office. You want to break the ice, so you inquire about his wife and children. A smart thing to do?
  2. When negotiating with a customer in London, she notices a difficult issue on the agenda. She suggest that you table this point. Does that mean she wants to skip it or begin discussing it immediately?
  3. You are explaining your company’s products to a customer in Japan, and are elated that he keeps nodding his head and saying “yes”. He likes your products, right?
  4. During a meeting with a client in Mexico City, he takes several phone calls, interrupting the meeting. This behavior is highly unusual, even rude, and you conclude this meeting hasn’t gone well.
  5. Everyone knows that a firm handshake is generally a sign of confidence. You are surprised at the softness, even weakness, of the handshake of the Chinese you are meeting with. You conclude this will be an easy meeting.
  6. When doing business in Germany, you would be wise to establish a personal relationship before discussing business. True?

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