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Negotiation Skills

Getting What You Want Without Giving Up or Giving In

The ability to persuade others to your point view is a practical skill that can be learned. See how a change in strategy and attitude can help you gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. Learn the rules of the game by discovering how to prepare for a negotiation; communicate what you want clearly and precisely; find the leverage you need even when you feel intimidated; recognize when tactics and ploys are being used against you. Discover the do's and don'ts of negotiating to get more of what you want.
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Will They Love You in Singapore As They Do In Seattle?

In today's global society, the prizes go to those who know how to communicate and move easily among different cultures. This session explores how people from various countries perceive information and negotiate business deals. Since even a small misstep can destroy your marketing efforts, you will benefit by this practical overview of what every international businessperson should know.
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Negotiating With the Big Boys
What Every Woman Should Know

Many women have been conditioned to settle for “getting by” instead of “getting what you want.” You don’t have to settle. Develop the skills to persuade and influence others to your point of view. Successful negotiating is a practical skill that can be learned, regardless of age, gender, or position in life.

Whether you are at the top of the ladder or just starting your climb, this seminar will give you a solid foundation in better negotiating skills. It will help you approach every bargaining situation with knowledge and confidence to get what you want, on and off the job.
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Company Branding: What's Your Position?

The rules have changed. The business with the best product or service is no longer the winner. Today, the winner is the business with the best marketing position. You must create and maintain a unique identity from your competition and then aggressively market that position through every part of your business, making sure your customers know what is different about you and your business. This session identifies how, in a sea of sameness, your business can stand (brand) out in a crowd.

Focus... Like A Laser

The power in business today is narrowing the focus in two critical areas: the products and services you offer and the customers you serve.

  • This session details why you must focus on being the expert in the products or services that differentiate you. The companies that stand for something win the trust of their customers and have the competitive edge.
  • Do you treat different customers differently? Some customers are worth more to you than others. Learn how to differentiate customers by their value to you.


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Fundamentals of Merchandising:
What You Must Know to Maximize Sales and Profits

This seminar offers an excellent opportunity for education and improvement in basic merchandising skills... skills that are vital in your quest to maximize sales and profit.

Seminar highlights: What makes up gross margin, managing inventory flow; editing merchandise classifications; determining markup; markdown timing; making merchandise consistent with marketing efforts; targeting the right customer. This unique refresher course on everyday terms of retailing will challenge not only store owners, managers and buyers, but also non-merchandising personnel, and suppliers to the retail industry.
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Customer Service

Getting Rid of the Rulebook

Policies and regulations are meant to help companies run smoothly, but could they be driving your customers away? This session examines a new way to look at those rules-of-operation, rigidly enforced, that can send your customers to the competition, because they are focused inward for the company's benefit, not outward toward the customer. "Breaking the rules" may be your key to success!

29 Customer Service Tips: A Checklist Of Things You Can Do, Right Now, To Keep 'em Coming Back!

Companies talk about giving good customer service, yet fail to define it. Is it a one-time shot or the total experience that counts? Here are some practical, everyday tips from the customer's perspective, and what you can do to keep your customers coming back!

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